IoTInternet of things – IoT- is the key constituent in technological advancement. Kevin Ashton created the term ’the Internet of things’.

Prime Tribes engages with the IoT ecosystem to address specific industry needs through internet connected devices.


We focus on selecting the best micro-controller, operating system, or networking protocol to meet the needs of users for specific applications. We analyse, design, implement, test and integrate systems.


Cloud is a completely managed service that provides a full suite of operational, business intelligence, and analytics services to manage a connected deployment throughout its lifecycle.


Our mobile application contain rich dashboard and user friendly data visualisation, charts, real-time monitoring system, alerts and notifications to securely control and manage products.

Click Button (CB) - SOSA 100% indigenous product from PRIME TRIBES, the two-way voice, intercom and hands-free listening to either dispatch is cost effective and easier to install than land-line systems.

It is designed and assembled with embedded coding by Automatic location alarming.
Simple to deploy and relocate, ‘Click Button’ (CB) has a highly visible reflective exterior with customized identification options

• Dual SIM – Multiple Network Compatible
• Automatic switch over from one SIM to Another
• Audible in noisy environments (i.e. roadside, mining)
• Filters background noise
• Solar power with 3 days Battery Back-up
• Call recording Software
• Rasbery Pi, Arduino and SIM 900.

PRIME TRIBES Data Logger DeviceDesigned, assembled and Embedded coding by Prime Tribes, embedded code runs web service to collect data and send data as XML/ json. Easy to deploy and relocate, highly visible reflective exterior with customised identification options.

• Single SIM – GPRS
• 16 GB Data storage
• Solar power with 3 days Battery Back-up
• Raspberry Pi, Arduino and SIM 900.