Asset InspectionAsset inspection solutions for your live, high or difficult to reach industrial assets

Asset inspection is a challenging occupation and is a high life risking profession, however skilled. More recently with technological advancements, DRONES have been successfully capturing industrial assets, reaching remote areas which were difficult for humans to access.

Our solutions for remote asset inspections are assisted by highly skilled operators of drones. Your industrial asset pictures are drone captured from all angles, high and higher, live and difficult.

Fitted out with the latest sensors, our DRONES qualify to capture high resolution stills, HD video and thermal images of your plant equipment and industrial assets. They are capable of hovering precisely where required and transmit high quality images to your inspection and engineering teams on the ground, or back to your team in your remote office.

Key Advantages
• Reduced costs –Your assets are kept operational with minimised downtime
• Rapid turnaround – Receive your inspection results within hours or conduct real-time assessments in the field
• Assist achieve your operational goals safely
• Reach – Get up close to your less accessible assets
• Quality data – Detailed reports to help you plan shutdowns and maintenance activities