Agricultural InspectionHelp in measuring the area of growth and cultivable areas

DRONES make the process of monitoring estimates of crop growth and yield less cumbersome. The agriculture Industry takes advantage for Aerial mapping with sensors that assist in finding vegetation growth, plant count and height, biomass and soil moisture. Drones are actively being used in damage assessment and insurance. Aerial mapping in the agriculture industry encompasses taking aerial snapshots of agricultural fields and farms and converting the data into an Orthomosaic, where the automated process geometrically corrects such that the scale is uniform and the photo taken comes in that exact definition as that of the map. These would help in measuring the area of growth and cultivable areas.

Using a range of sensor types, our leading technology delivers high resolutions, far greater than that available from satellite imagery, even with cloud cover. We ensure that you have access to only the best possible information, moderating on cost and almost totally shrinking manned services.

The ground sample distance plays a fundamental role in Aerial survey and mapping, and is defined as the area covered in one pixel. The images are crisp and precise, giving us a clear, as is interpretation and data of the field, even better than satellite imagery.

The critical data of agriculture land capture by our remote sensing solutions, converts into information, acquired through in-depth analysis, thereby, influencing immediate business decisions. Our automated reasoning, data processing and finite calculations combined with superior customer service adds value to your mapped descriptions.