Aerial Survey and MappingOur Solution and Drones capture and convert aerial images into geo-referenced, 3D surface models, point clouds and 2D mosaics

Aerial survey is a method of collecting geometric data involving Drones to collect the geospatial data. A chart or map made by analyzing an area or region from the air is termed as aerial survey.

Geomatics is well used to map and plot large areas according to our needs as opposed to the process of covering from the ground. This allows retrieving of exact, required information, quickly.

Hundreds and thousands of aerial images are captured and converted by our drones into geo-referenced, point clouds, 3D surface models, and 2D mosaics down to a precision of centimeters.

Our DRONE experience and expertise enables,

• Photogrammetry (measurement)
• Thermo graphic surveys - construction progress photography
• Volumetric and stockpile analysis
• Digital surface modelling (dsm)
• Digital terrain modelling (dtm)
• Environmental impact assessments
• Watershed analysis
• Geo-referenced orthomosaics
• Point cloud generation (3d modelling)