About UsPrime Tribes consistently developed solutions around IoT and Drones

Who We AreSince inception in 2015, Prime Tribes consistently developed solutions around IoT. With the scope of things aligning with our business focus of specialized IoT solutions, we have marched ahead to take the plunge into the Drone industry.

IoT does things today, which seemed farfetched a few years ago, much similar to how the internet invasion amazed us in the earlier years. The IoT connects just about anything from multiple numbers of devices, people, to machinery without human collaboration. It allows a fluid M2M connectivity, the technology that enables networked devices to exchange information and perform actions without the manual assistance of humans.

PRIME TRIBES assist the industry and businesses leverage IoT. A meeting with our technical team will enable identify your specific problem areas, analyze and draw up an innovative solution custom made to suit your problems. Our team works with you on an end-to- end exclusive IoT solutions using the latest in technology.

Our IoT consultation and implementation services to small, medium and large enterprises are the best of breed. Our expertise using major open source and proprietary IoT platforms offer ingenious solutions for every industry.

With our expertise in IoT projects, we have also designed, developed and deployed two products for the Highway industry for SOS (emergency call box) and Data capturing and Analysing (data logger).

Our drones fly completely autonomously with longer flight times. They can carry larger payloads, and have higher resolution sensors and are priced less than our competitors. We focus on selection of drones based on the payloads and configuration to meet the needs of users for specific applications. Using them extensively in providing services for customers is completed by experts from our team.

We are equipped with professional DRONE pilots to take on projects. As the regulations get streamlined, we are excited about the multiple users who will use our DRONES.

PRIME TRIBES deploys onsite and cloud-hosted solutions. Specialising in Drone and IoT, our strengths to produce exceptional data analytical solutions have addressed needs that include verticals of Agriculture, telecom, transportation, manufacturing, Construction, Healthcare, Retail, Logistics, Energy, Power & utilities, automation.

It has been our privilege to be involved in technical training and consulting with organisations from government agencies and small businesses in the South East Asia region. Our over the years of experience, striving to be innovative in this dynamic industry has ensured that our customers experience the best of today's technology.

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