Prime Tribes Drones comprises of Advance Artificial Intelligence
Technology SolutionPrime Tribes engages with the IoT ecosystem to address specific industry needs through internet connected devices.
We have consistently developed solutions around IoT.
With the scope of things aligning with our business focus, we have marched ahead to take the plunge into the Drone industry.

Requirement UnderstandingOur pre-built solutions are available for ready use. We also work together with your team, to understand the data capture requirements, and thereafter, our team gets into the task of developing an aerial imagery solution that fits into your requirement.

Resource safetyOur Drones replace your employees keeping them away in safety from hazardous environment of radiation and vertical climbs, as also saving on time.

Cutting-edge TechnologyOur AI powered Drones capture critical data of your business that can be accessed within hours of the Drone leaving towards the set target.

Analysis and ReportThe cloud enabled software gives you the best analysing solutions and reports that can be integrated to an ERP using our API.

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Prime Tribes engages with the IoT ecosystem to
address specific industry needs through
internet connected devices.


We focus on selecting the best micro-controller, operating system, or networking protocol to meet the needs of users for specific applications. We analyse, design, implement, test and integrate systems.

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Cloud is a completely managed service that provides a full suite of operational, business intelligence, and analytics services to manage a connected deployment throughout its lifecycle.

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Our mobile application contain rich dashboard and user friendly data visualisation, charts, real-time monitoring system, alerts and notifications to securely control and manage products.

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AgricultureMonitoring estimates of crop growth and yield, vegetation growth, plant count and height, soil moisture, biomass and also in damage assessment and insurance, collecting Geometric data or Geospatial data
Asset InspectionRemote Asset Inspection solutions for your live, high or difficult to reach industrial assets. Drones equipped with the latest sensors that enable us to capture high resolution stills, HD video, Spectral and thermal images of your industrial assets and plant equipment.
Aerial Survey and MappingCollect the geospatial data, chart or map made by analysing an area or region
End to End Service from PRIME TRIBESFlying - Data Collection - Analysis - Reports

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